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Caramel Bed Set – Open spaces and smooth edges

Caramel perfectly reflects the aesthetic rule “less is more”. The caramel brown light shade of brown welcomes the charm of modesty.

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  1. Caramel Hydraulic Bed (Queen Size)

    Rs 117,080
    Dimensions (MM): 1608 W x 2154 D x 951 H Description: MFC & High Gloss Paint
  2. Caramel Bedside Table (HF-02CRM-39658)

    Rs 17,960
    DIMEMSION (MM): 512 W x 386 D x 494 H
    DESCRIPTION: MFC & High Gloss Paint.
  3. Caramel - Sideboard (HF-07CRM-39663)

    Rs 75,500
    Dimensions: 1378 W x 450 D x 848 H Finish: ELM

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