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  1. Fly Bedsides Table

    Rs 10,820
    This laminated bed side has captured all the needs of yours. Its antique paint combination makes it more outstanding.
  2. Wardrobe (HF-18VA-HW-11565)

    Rs 88,620
    Made of solid wood and veneer pressed on particle, having 2 openable shutters + one side coat hanger rods + polish finish.
  3. Crescent Mirror (HF-12CRS-PWE-22738)

    Rs 11,550
    The structure is made of PVC paper wrapped on MDF with matching PVC edging. Combination of PVC and MDF enhances its look.
  4. Ripple Bed Side Table (HF-02RPL-PWE-22742)

    Rs 12,600
    The structure is made of PVC and MDF with matching edging. Its different color gives it very unique look.
  5. Caramel Bedside Table (HF-02CRM-39658)

    Rs 17,960
    DIMEMSION (MM): 512 W x 386 D x 494 H
    DESCRIPTION: MFC & High Gloss Paint.
  6. Oyster Mirror (HF-12OY-AW-39629)

    Rs 32,340
    Dimensions (MM): 1080 W x 55 D x 900 H
  7. NORA MIRROR (HF-12NOR-FW-39846)

    Rs 13,000
    Thin border lived up the overall sleekness of the bed set, high quailty imported mirror glass. FRENCH WALNUT

    Rs 30,000
    DIMEMSION (MM): 800 W x 500 D x 650 H STRUCTURE: GENERAL
  9. Retro Smoked Walnut Mirror (HF-12RET-SW-23645)

    Rs 10,000
    DIMEMSION (MM): 960 W x 25 D x 700 H DESCRIPTION: Made of veneer pressed on MDF with solid wood edging & 5mm thick mirror glass, polish finish. As per drawing
  10. Harbor Dining Chair - Black (HF-05DC169BL-40688)

    Rs 7,880
    Chair Frame: Made of Solid Rubber-wood
    Finish: Black
  11. Harbor Dining Chair - Red (HF-05DC169RD-40691)

    Rs 7,880
    Chair Frame: Made of Solid Rubber-wood
    Finish: Red
  12. Harbor Dining Chair - Yellow (HF-05DC169YL-40693)

    Rs 7,880
    Chair Frame: Made of Solid Rubber-wood
    Finish: Yellow
  13. Hampton Chair (HF-05TM19651C-43663)

    Rs 7,550
    Frame in Light Teak color and Polyester Fabric in Off white Color. 44W * 60D* 95H (cm) 1.88 W x 3.44 D x 2.53 H (ft)
  14. Mediara Bed (King Size)

    Rs 71,090
    Description: Lava and Muddy Oak effect
  15. Mediara Bed Side Table (HF-02MED-43707)

    Rs 19,530
    DESCRIPTION: Lava+Muddy Oak effect + Croomed handles DIMEMSION (MM): 580 W x 410 D x 350 H
  16. Orleans High Back Hammock Chair ( HF-05TM68401H-43132 )

    Rs 8,200
    Finishes/ color : Ropes in Dark Gray color
    Size in 'Cm & Feet' : "80W * 80D* 100H (cm) 2.62 W x 2.62 D x 3.28 H (ft) "

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