Working for long hours in an uncomfortable workplace can be a chore! The type of environment in which you work, every day, can significantly affect how you perform and feel. People may work in administrative positions that require them to spend a great deal of time behind a computer, without much mobility. This causes them to slouch and develop back pain without much chance to stretch their legs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), one-third of all employee injury and illness cases are musculoskeletal disorders. However, studies have also found that there is no direct link between sitting and back pain. Then what really is the problem? One problem possibly stems from the fault in our chairs. Although the comfort level of different chairs varies, there are those that simply do not meet the requirements of providing adequate support or comfort in areas most needed. Most office chairs are not made for long marathon sitting which greatly hinders performance, since they are designed for brief meetings or while waiting for colleagues.

On the other hand, Interwood’s ergonomic office chairs like the premium quality executive chair, The Snare, helps reduce pressure on an individual’s hips, spine, and back. Investing in an ergonomic office chair can also help mitigate posture problems in those who developed them early on. Other great health benefits of chairs, designed keeping function and comfort in mind, include improving efficiency and eliminating fatigue and posture.

Interwood, as an organization, has dedicated its research and innovation towards creating furniture that enhances comfortable living and contributes towards building a healthy work environment. So employers, it’s time to reward your employees with the comfort they deserve by realizing the fault in your chairs and taking necessary measures to fix it.