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  1. Porcelain (HA-F28897-H332-E02-43643)

    Regular Price: Rs 1,700

    Special Price Rs 1,445

    Size : "W15x L28 (cm) Finishes : Ceramic holder with Glass Decoration piece with high quality material. Antique Design suitable for indoor as well as outdoor. Beautiful addition for empty/vacant areas. Usage Application: Home, Outdoor, Offices, Hotels and Airports etc.
  2. Decoration Item

    Rs 2,400
    SKU : FG020001505
    Finish: Polyresin
    Size: 90*177*282mm
  3. Decoration Item

    Rs 2,000
    SKU : FG020001508
    Finish: Polyresin
    Size: 145*155*155mm
  4. Decoration Item

    Rs 600
    SKU : FG020001513
    Finish: Polyresin
    Size: 148*17*113mm
  5. Decoration Item

    Rs 2,800
    SKU : FG020001514
    Finish: Polyresin
    Size: 295*60*305mm
  6. Tray

    Rs 3,500
    SKU : FG020001517
    Finish: Polyresin
    Size: 265*245*245mm

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